šŸ„§ Stake Cake-LP tokens to earn Pie

How To Stake Cake-LP tokens

  1. Connect your metamask walletĀ 
  2. Go to add Pie token and BNB you have on Pancakeswap exchange hereĀ 
  3. Go read the tutorial here https://networkpie.medium.com/tutorial-how-to-get-cake-lp-tokens-from-pancakes-3dc89080b251
  4. If you already have Cake-LP tokens, next
  5. Please click the Approve button and wait until the transaction is confirmed
  6. Please go to the Deposit button then enter your Cake-LP token amount and wait for the transaction to be confirmed
  7. You can withdraw your farm produce anytime, even every hour by pressing the Harvest button
  8. You can withdraw your deposit at any time

200k Pie token event

We will test our Farm smart contract in the next 60 days, so you can do your Farm to earn Pie tokens every second, the event limit is 60 days and the reward system is time based not on each block, so feel free to farm now and we has provided 200k Pie tokens in the smart contract, happy staking